Porcelain Crown Restore your teeth to their natural look

Dr. Diana Racean’s dental crowns services offer a chance to completely restore a cracked or broken tooth–sometimes in danger of cracking down to the root if left unattended– or a decayed tooth that can no longer hold a filling. Crowns not only look natural, but they feel and function like natural teeth.

Crowns fitted by Dr. Racean are so snug at the base of your gum line that you won’t even realize it’s there – except to remark at the improved condition of your teeth. With a crown, or a metal or porcelain cap, what’s left of the problematic tooth is completely covered and protected.

If you want to know if crowns are the cosmetic dentistry aesthetic makeover for you, just make an appointment with Skokie’s The Art of a Smile, Diana C. Racean, D.D.S by calling (847) 329-7901 or filling out the online form to meet with Dr. Diana Racean. You may also be a candidate for dental bridges, another “fixed” dentistry solution to replacing one or more missing teeth that, like crowns, offer greater freedom than removable appliances or partial dentures.

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